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Tolpava Koothu - The Shadow Puppet Theatre of Kerala
Homepage in memory of late Guru Krishnan Kutty Pulavar

They reach Viswamitra’s hermitage.
The sacrificial rites begin.
Demons attack to obstruct he rituals.
Rama annihilates the demon Subahu and his army.
The demon Mareecha tries to run away from Rama’s arrows.
Mareecha finally seeks refuge at Rama’s feet.
Rama forgives Mareecha and sends him on his way.
The holy sacrifice is completed undisturbed.

A delighted sage Viswamitra presents Rama and Lakshmana with his own arrows and bows.
Viswamitra then takes the youths to the Kingdom of Mithila whre princess Sita is about to choose her husband.
Maharaj Janaka of Mithila respectfully greets the sage and conducts him to the marriage venue.

Maharaj Janaka: “O great sage! Who are these youths?”
Viswamitra: “They are the sons od Maharaj Dasaratha. They gave protection for my sacrificial rite.
They are here now to compete for Sita’s favours.”

Maharaj Janaka:O great sage! Sita will marry the one who can string the powerful bow kept here.
Many are those who have tried to string it, failed and retreated.
I pray that young Rama may succeed.”

It is ordeed that the bow be brought forth into the royal assemblage. Soldiers carry it in.
Rama bends the bow to string it. The bow breaks.

Maharaj Janaka: “The time has indeed arrived for Sita’s marriage.
Send an emissary to Ayodha to inform Rama’s parents.”

The emissary arrives in Ayodha and invites everyone to Mithila.

Maharaj Janaka: “O great king Dasaratha! May you allow your other three sons to marry the three daughters of my younger brother Kushadhwaja.”

Rama marries Sita.
Bharata marries Mandhovi.
Lashmana marries Urmila.
Satrughna marries Sruthakeerthi.
They all depart for Ayodha.

Whilst traversing a jungle, a crow passes the party on their left and a peacock passes them on their right.
Dasharatha asks the sage Vasistha about the importance of such signs.

The sage replies: “A crow passing to your left implies that an enemy will soon arrive.
But a peacock passing to your right implies that bthe enemy will become your friend.”

The hermit Parasurama meets up with the group.
Maharaj Dasaratha greets him respectfully.
Parasurama ignores Dasaratha.

Parasurama asks Rama: “You, who have broken the bow in Mithila, can you break my bow?”

Rama meditates on his sage mentors and then breaks the bow.
Parasurama pays his respect to Rama. He bestows twi devine powers upon Rama and departs to meditate.
Maharaj Dasaratha, Rama, Lakshmana and others return to Ayodha.

  1. The Kamba Ramayana is divided in six books. Within a 21 days performance, the Pulavars will present those 6 books as follows:
    I. Balakanda       3 nights
    Ayodhakanda       2,5 nights
    III. Aranyakanda      2,5 nights
    Kiskindhakanda      2.5 nights
    V. Sundarakanda      2,5 nights
    VI. Yuddhakanda      8 nights

    The Department of Tourism. Government of Kerala has made a documentation about the Tolpavakoothuthu play Balakanda, presented by artists of the KRISHNAN KUTTY PULAVAR MEMORIAL TOLPAVA KOOTHU & PUPPET CENTRE in SHORANUR. The artists in this Invis Multimedia production of 2005:

    K.K.Ramachandra Pulavar
    K. Viswanatha Pulavar
    K. Lakshmana Pulavar
    K.L. Ramachandran
    K.N. Somasundaran
    K.N. Pazhaniyappan
    K.S. Sivarajan
    T. Ramachandran
    K. Rajeev

    for further details contact:
    keralatourism.org - Official website of Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala
    Kerala Tourism
    Park View, Thiruvanathapuram
    Kerala, India 695 033
    Tel: +91 471 232 1132, Fax: +91 471 232 2279

    Invis Multimedia
    Pandit Colony, Kaudiar, Thiruvanathapuram
    Kerala, India 695 003
    Tel: +91 471 231 1832, Fax: +91 471 231 3170

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